Tutorial # 4 is
HTML Lesson 1
What is HTML?

HTML stands for the HyperText Markup Language. HTML is the major language of the Internet's World Wide Web. Web sites and web pages are written in HTML. With HTML and the world wide web, you have the ability to bring together text, pictures, sounds, and links... all in one place! HTML files are plain text files, so they can be composed and edited on any type of computer... Windows, Mac, UNIX, or whatever.

There are two parts to a web page
the Head and the Body.

They are both in between the HTML tags.

Look at it like the human form for a quick second.
The Head is the brain of your web page. (Thus:The Head)
The Body is the content or what exist on your web page. (Thus:The Body)

They are both in between the HTML tags.
(Hyper Text Markup Language)
The coding for computer talk.

What goes in the Head is
usually intricate computer knowledge.

Let's just deal with the body content for now.

Every thing that goes on your body.
Or should we say in your body.
Is what will show on your web page.

The text can be manipulated to suit your likings.

Look at the text like
clothing on your personal body.
You will learn how to fit your clothing
and what color you want to wear.
How large you want to wear it.
And wear you want to wear it.

You have to dress up the text.
To make yourself
(or should we say the body of you web page)
look good.

There are those three things
that you can do to your text.
The size, the color, and were you want it placed.

The font size code is how large your clothing will be.
1=small and 7=big
7 being the largest size you can wear.
Color is what color and align is were you want it.
Either left, center, or right side of your body.

One last note before you start having fun.
The tags that are opened to describe
your clothes must be closed.
The font tag is open with the
greater than and less than symbols.
Then after the text.
The forward slash / is placed
in the tag to indicate that
the HTML command has ended.
This is necessary for all tags in HTML
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