Tutorial # 5
HTML Lesson 2
Now you will get a good
grasp of the HTML tags.

If you didn't notice.
The tags all have an open and a close.
The forward slash / indicates to
the computer that the commands
for that function are now closed.

The head and the body tags are
always in-between the html tags

The HTML tags.
(Hyper Text Markup Language)
Are always at the top and
the bottom of the web page.

The Head tag is always above the body tag.

These will never change.

All computer commands have to have a close.
Any open tag at the top of the
page will effect every thing on the
rest of the page unless it is stopped.
Or shall we say closed.

The text that is effected
is those dashes and lines.
The font color tags will
make those dashes and lines
the color of your shirt.

If you don't close the color of your shirt tag.
Then you will be wearing the same color pants.

Everything on the rest of your web page
will have that same attribute
or shall we say color.

Always remember to close any attribute
you set to your web page.

That way only the word This
will be blue and
not the rest of your text
or shall we say clothing for now.

I hope you got the grasp of this so far.

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